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The articles below, written by Marcia Morgan, are available for download in PDF format.

Morgan, M., Smith, J. (2009) "Hiring the Right Individual for Your Corrections Staff" Corrections Today. American Corrections Association. August Issue.
» Download article (pdf)

Morgan, M. (2009) "Using Anatomical Dolls in HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs" American Journal of Sexuality Education. Volume 4, Number 1.
» Download article (pdf)

Jordan, A., Morgan, M., McCampbell, M. (2006) The Prison Rape Elimination Act: What Police Chiefs Need to Know" Police Chief Magazine. International Association of Chiefs of Police. April 2006.
» Download article (pdf)

Patton, P., Morgan, M. (2004) "Oregon Crafts Guidelines for Effective Girl's Programming" Child Welfare League of America. The Link. Vol. 3, No. 2. Spring 2004.
» Download article (pdf)

Morgan, M., Patton, P. (2002) "Gender-Responsive Programming in the Justice System: Oregon's Guidelines for Effective Programming for Girls", Federal Probation Journal. Sept. 2002
» Download article (pdf)

Furby, L, Fischhoff, B. Morgan, M (1991) "Rape Prevention and Self Defense: At What Price?" Women's Studies International Forum Journal. Volume 14, Number 1/2. pp. 49-62
» Download article (pdf)

Furby, L., Fischhoff, B., Morgan, M. (1989) "Judged Effectiveness of Common Rape Prevention and Self Defense Strategies." Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Volume 4, Number 1. March.
» Download article (pdf)

Fischhoff, B., Furby, L., Morgan, M (1987) "Rape Prevention: A Typology of Strategies" Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Volume 2, Number 3, September.
» Download article (pdf)

Morgan, M. (1986) "Conflict and Confusion: What the Rape Prevention Experts are Telling Women." Sexual Coercion and Assault: Issues and Perspectives. 1 (5), 160-168
» Download article (pdf)

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