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Partial List of Past Clients

Alaska Department of Public Safety & Department of Education (Alaska)
Alaska Police Academy (Alaska)
American University Washington School of Law (Washington, DC)
Aspen Systems (Maryland)
Barbados Child Care Board (Barbados)
Brisbane Social Services, Police (Australia)
Caliber Associates (Virginia)
Center for Effective Public Policy (Maryland)
Children�s Justice Act Task Force/State Offices for Services to Children and Families (Oregon)
City of Eugene, City Manager�s Office (Oregon)
Clark College (Washington)
Coalition for Equal Access for Girls (Oregon)
Community Research Associates (Tennessee, Illinois)
Crime Prevention Association of Montana
Criminal Justice Institute (Washington DC, Connecticut)
Criminal Justice Commission (Oregon)
Crittenton Foundation (National)
DARE Oregon, Inc. (Oregon)
Department of Motor Vehicles (Oregon)
Department of Public Safety (Alaska)
Deschutes Co. Department of Community Justice/Juvenile (Oregon)
Deschutes Co. Public Safety Coordinating Council/Commission on Children and Families (OR)
Englewood Police Department (Colorado)
Family Counseling Services (Texas)
Fordham Law School (New York)
Ft. Yukon School District (Alaska)
Girls Circle Association (California)
Governor�s Conference on Crime Prevention (New York)
Hawaii Police/Social Services (Hawaii)
Hillsboro Police Department (Oregon)
Hillsbourgh County/Tampa School Readiness Campaign (Florida)
Insight Worldwide - Hiring the Right Individual for your Corrections Staff
Illinois Police and Child Advocacy Conference (Illinois)
International Association of Chiefs of Police (Washington, DC) - Police Chief Magazine
Jackson County Public Safety Coordinating Council (Oregon)
Just Detention International (California, So. Africa)
Justice Research Center (California)
Kapiolani Sexual Abuse Treatment Center (Hawaii)
Lane County Public Safety Coordinating Council (Oregon)
Law and Policy Associates (Oregon)
Lincoln County Head Start (Oregon)
Luke Center/Pacific Program (Oregon)
Marion/Polk County Youth Compact (Oregon)
Marylhurst College (Oregon)
Merced Police and Social Services (California)
Miami - Dade Corrections (Florida)
Moss Group (Washington, D.C.)
Mt. Angel Youth Community Center (Oregon)
Multnomah County Community Corrections (Oregon)
Multnomah County Contracts and Evaluation (Oregon)
Multnomah County Office of Juvenile and Adult Community Justice (Oregon)
National Crime Prevention Institute (Kentucky)
National Institute of Corrections (Washington DC)
National Rifle Association (Tennessee)
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (Washington DC)
Ohio Human Services/Advocacy Center/Police Academy (Ohio)
Oregon Criminal Justice Council (Oregon)
Oregon Department of Education � Dept of Community Colleges and Workforce Development
Oregon State University (Oregon)
Oregon Trucking Associations (Oregon)
Oregon State Commission on Children and Families (and numerous local county commissions)
Parents United (Arizona)
Paula Schaefer and Associates (Minnesota)
Planned Parenthood (Oregon)
Police Foundation (Washington DC)
Polk County Commission on Children and Families (Oregon)
Portland Police Bureau (Oregon)
Puerto Rican Psychological Association
Queensland Social Services/Police (Australia)
Skagit County Youth and Family (Washington)
South Carolina Department of Children�s Services (South Carolina)
Speeds Towing (Oregon)
SW Oregon Community College (Oregon)
Texas A & M University (Texas)
Texas Crime Prevention Institute (Texas)
Tyler Texas Police Department (Texas)
Tow Trucking Association of Oregon (Oregon)
United Way of the Columbia-Willamette (Oregon)
University of Alaska (Alaska)
University of Oregon (Oregon)
US Army (US and Germany)
US Attorney�s Office (Washington, D.C.)
US Dept of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (Washington, D.C.)
US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, Drug Elimination Technical Assistance Program, Community Safety and Conservation Division, Office of Public and Indian Housing (Wash, D.C.)
US Dept of Justice, National Institute of Justice (Washington, D.C.)
Washington County Health and Human Services (Oregon)
Washington County Public Safety Coordinating Council (Oregon)
Washington County Commission on Children and Families (Oregon)
Washington County Sheriff�s Office (Oregon)
Washington State Crime Watch (Washington)
Women in Crisis Counseling Assistance Shelter (Alaska)
Workforce Development Council (Oregon)
Yamhill County Public Safety Coordinating Council (Oregon)

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