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Types of Training

Migima™ offers on-site training in your city customized to meet your specific needs. Full programs are typically one day long but Marcia and the consulting partners are also available to give keynote speeches, half day trainings and conferences. The training fee includes preparation, pre-training consultation, presentation, PowerPoint�/videos, all handout materials and travel time. The audience can be as small as five or as large as 500. You may also choose to charge a registration fee or offer the program free to participants. Marcia and the consulting partners are also available to meet with the media upon request. For questions or a quote please contact us.

On-line webinar trainings are also available.

Trainings can be uniquely designed for your specific needs and interests. Below is a sampling of some of the trainings. Customized trainings are also available.

Training #1: Gender-Responsive Services and Programs for Women and Girls in the Justice System.
This 8-hour training is for direct line staff and administrators who work with women and girls in the justice system or �at-risk� populations. Topics include:
  • Why Women and Girls are entering the Justice System in Record Numbers
  • What does Gender-responsive Mean?
  • Equity vs. Equal Treatment
  • Female Psychosocial Development
  • The Importance of Relationships
  • Relational Aggression
  • Gender and Communication
  • Women's Pathways to Crime
  • Data on System-involved Females
  • Health Issues
  • Sexual Misconduct/PREA
  • Gender and Trauma
  • Gender and Substance Abuse
  • Professional Boundries

Training #2: How to Interview Child Sexual Abuse Victims with Anatomical Dolls
This 8-hour training is for law enforcement/police, child advocacy centers, child protective services, counselors and others who interview children. The training covers such topics as:
  • How to Select Dolls and other Interview Tools
  • Legal Challenges to the Dolls and What the Research Tells Us
  • Why Kids Don’t Disclose
  • Identifying Leading and Suggestive Questions
  • Forensic Interviews/Legal Interview Techniques
  • Pre-interview Preparation
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Helping the Child Volunteer Information
  • Gender Differences
  • Introducing the Dolls
  • Basic Do’s and Don'ts with the Dolls
  • When to Introduce and Not Introduce the Dolls
  • Body Parts Inventory/Sexual Body Parts
  • Practice: Critiquing Actual Interviews
  • Practice: Using the Anatomical Dolls with a Personal Coach/Trained Staff

Training #3: GO! How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams.
This 4-6 hour workshop is for women and girls who want to get started on the path to reaching their goals and dreams. Women and girls share a common epidemic: dream drain. Their goals and dreams are often put on hold or they quietly slip away. They adjust their dreams to fit their circumstances, rather than adjusting their circumstances to fit their dreams. How do you recover lost goals and dreams? How do you move forward if you are in transition or feeling lost or stuck? The answer can be as simple as focusing on everyday objects. GO! How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams teaches women and girls in four guided steps, how to select and display special objects that represent their goals. Through mindfulness, repetitive visualization and tenacious planning, the Goal Objects (GO! for short) become an empowering compass to keep a woman on the path towards her goals. The Goal Objects become a metaphor of her life and regular reminder of what she wants to achieve.

Training #4: Teaching Young Children How to Prevent Sexual Abuse.
This 4-8 hour training is for educators, parents and other adults who want to teach children about protecting themselves. Information is presented so that children are not scared but become more knowledgeable and empowered to handle difficult situations. Marcia Morgan is the author of My Feelings, one of three children�s books recommended on "Good Morning America" for the prevention of child sexual abuse. She has lectured around the world on this topic. A "training the trainers" component of the school curriculum "SafeTOUCH" can also be incorporated for teachers and school counselors.

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